Bryan Cockerham


Development Portfolio is a technology provider with a unique set of tools to help non-profits raise money
Boasting relationships with over 1100 stores and a client list containing over 400 non-profits, turns supporters' everyday online shopping into donations
After hours of experimenting and coding, I found a way you can finally delete parts of Skype™ conversations.
Just choose a message from Skype™ and delete!
1 week, 9 trips to the Lumber yard, $1200 in supplies, all designed on the fly...
Someone had been asking me to help them pick out an outdoor storage building for about a year.
Chessboard made out of 100% Verde and Bianco Italian marble stock.
I made this chessboard out of 100% Verde and Bianco Italian marble stock.
NYiT Proxy Script (IE) :: NYiT Firefox Proxy Plug-In :: DOS File System Simulation :: iWindow = Exchange Checker, RiQwest, DOS file system simulation
Here are a couple of tools I've made. Feel free to grab them if they're useful to you.
SOFI is a project started to test the feasibility of natural language interaction in everyday computer applications.
SOFI's character and personality have been developed over the past two years to make the start...
22 years old, with a deep desire for a bedroom that represented me, I decided to vault my ceiling.
The confines of 8' ceilings were getting to me, and it was the first time in 10 years we lived in a home that we owned...